Eastern Atmosphere At Home With The Tulip

Lovely to be home again in the USA after the fantastic renovation adventure of our (second) home in Charlotte. Contrasts are immediately apparent due to the difference in temperature (and of course immediately a considerable cold has been incurred). But there are also many similarities, and in particular the feeling of being at home. This new year is really all about living and working in both countries and thus mixing cultures. And that is also a nice link with the amazing colorful tulips that I now have in my house.

Colorful tulip originally oriental

When we came home last week, we were immediately welcomed with a beautiful bunch of tulips. Wow how nice to come home! The tulip was the flower of the month of January and give the spring jitters immediately. Although I didn’t really notice much with the freezing weather this spring. But nothing is better than keeping the warm Eastern and Mediterranean atmosphere at home, whether it is summer or winter. Styling is home is, I think, timeless! These colorful bunch of tulips immediately gave me a warm feeling and a bit of an oriental touch. Funnily enough, I discovered that the tulip originally came from the East! Eventually taken by nomads to Turkey where the sultans wore the tulip on their turban. They gave this the name Tulipan, this means turban. And in the end it is now impossible to imagine the Netherlands without the tulip. Nice mix, oriental and typical Dutch! As if it should be that way;)

Styling with flowers

Of course I immediately placed the tulips in my own Olla vase, a ‘Dutch’ flower in an oriental vase. Because I find the flower itself so beautiful, I cut a few very short and put them together as a set in a low vase. A colorful and attractive whole. And what I like so much is combining flowers with plants. I have a good number of cacti and succulents in terracotta pots. These were already on the table, but in combination with the colorful flowers I find the whole thing very beautiful. Balance is again important and it is nice to see that the colors yellow, orange, red and pink appear in the cacti. In addition, this time I opted for quite a reasonable height in pots and plants so that the vase with tulips really stands out.

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