Florist Services

When shopping for flowers, you’ll find countless different options at a florist shop in Charlotte NC. They offer various kinds of flowers, a number of colors, at many different prices. You can buy single cut flowers, a small or large fresh bouquet of flowers, live plants or a unique gift basket collection.

Many people decide to buy flowers for special occasions like birthday celebrations, anniversaries, the birth of a new baby and funerals. While other individuals invest in flowers to say “I love you”, “thank you”, “get well”, “congratulations”, or perhaps “I am thinking of you”. Lastly, you will find some people who purchase flowers just because they’re a wonderful addition to a home and they enjoy having them around.

Flower Bouquets

Flower arrangements a great way to make someone’s special occasion last all week. Selected types of flowers last even longer than a week. Flowers are generally available in yellow, red, blue, green, orange, purple, pink and white or a collection of blended colors. Whether you decide on a uniquely multi-colored arrangement or a classic bouquet, these flowers are normally presented fresh and at the peak of their beauty. Flower bouquets are available in a multiple-use vase or a special keepsake container that will be treasured for years to come.

Potted Flowers and Live Plants

Flower shops offer a number of small and large live plants, as well as decorative trees and bushes. These plants are perfect to accentuate hallways, corners and doorways. Living plants and flowers normally come with some kind of warranty and are delivered with care instructions to help keep your live plants vibrant. Giving the gift of a live plant enables someone special to discover the joys of growing long lasting plants.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets, in various themes, are the perfect way to acknowledge special occasions or say thank you to fellow workers, acquaintances and customers. From gourmet blends of coffee to fresh fruits to sweet and salty snacks, flower shops offer gift baskets for all occasions. They also have a massive collection of elegant floral and live plant baskets that can make wonderful, memorable gifts.

Wedding Florist

Nature’s beauty of flowers brings a special and unique quality to a wedding. There are many florist shops in Charlotte NC that specialize in assisting couples to match their wedding flowers with their bridal gown and wedding theme, for an absolutely memorable effect. Wedding flowers somehow make a ceremony and reception look exceptional.

When shopping for a florist to look after the flowers for your wedding, make sure you select a floral designer who focuses primarily on wedding flowers. They are going to have the ability to customize your bouquets and meet all of your flower requirements. These needs might include:

The Bridal Bouquet

Among the wedding flowers created for that special day, the bride’s bouquet is probably the most important. Careful selection of the flowers and design of this bouquet is extremely important.

Maid-of-Honor and Bridesmaids Bouquets

The bouquets of the bridesmaids and maid-of-honor should compliment the bridal bouquet and not compete. It is normal for similar flowers to be used in these flower arrangements, though the color and size is normally different then the bride’s bouquet.

Corsages & Boutonnieres

In many weddings the groom, groomsmen, as well as the mother and father of both the bride and groom wear corsages or boutonnieres. These can be small and simple or quite elaborate depending on the look that bride desires.

Wedding Ceremony Floral Accents

– Pew decorations
– Alter arrangements
– Unity candles
– Wreaths

– Flowers for the guest book table

Reception Flower Decorations

– Table centerpieces
– Wedding cake decorations

Wedding florists usually deliver the flowers to the bride and groom on the day of the wedding so that they are fresh and looking gorgeous. They will most likely set the floral arrangements up in the church and reception hall ahead of time, so that everything is picture perfect for the wedding. Without these details to think about, the special couple can blissfully experience their special day.

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