Kitchen Styling With Fresh Herbs And Flowers

Styling with fresh herbs in the kitchen! The past month I have worked in Charlotte and my days were packed with projects, coordinating my own collection and I met a lot of new people. I am not very happy that I have let you wait so long for a new blog post but I will do my best to post a blog post online (almost) daily, because I have so much to share with you!

Kitchen styling with fresh herbs

Last year I did the styling and photography of a beautiful kitchen for Stek Magazine . Because fresh herbs are a very important ingredient during cooking, we have come up with some kitchen styling with fresh herbs. I always like to show food and products in the kitchen. That is much nicer instead of hiding them all away behind the cupboards. I like to play with height differences. I realized that the hanging plant trend can be applied very well in the kitchen.

This botanical trend is actually fun for every room in the house and therefore also in the kitchen. How nice is it if you can hang your favorite herbs such as mint, parsley or basil in the kitchen in sight? In addition to the plant hangers that you can make yourself, you can also choose the plant hangers from Boskke Sky Planter. These are available in various sizes and designs. These plant hangers are specially designed to hang plants upside down. But also that you can still give them water!

Dried herbs in mini pots

In addition to fresh herbs, I also often cook with dried herbs. I therefore like to take them out of the original packaging and store them in jars. I love the mini storage jars so much. And with a custom name tag you make them completely personal. In addition, do not store the cookbooks but place them next to the hob with some ceramics and accessories. This way you get an attractive look.

Spring styling with Ocher yellow kitchen

I can’t stop talking about the color ocher yellow. It is of course the trend color for this year and my favorite color. What is so nice is that we already used this color in the styling of this kitchen last year. In addition, I also painted the wall in my kitchen ocher yellow. In this table styling, the color ocher yellow is subtly applied in the napkins and the flower. This is very nice together with the wood, black and white. After seeing this table styling, I can’t wait for the first spring breakfast outside for this year. Have a nice Sunday!

English summary

Last year I did the styling and photography of a beautiful kitchen for Stek Magazine . Some nice styling ideas with fresh herbs because this is a really important ingredient while you’re cooking. And I think it’s really nice to show the products and food you’re working with in the kitchen intead or hidding them in the cupboards. I love to play with height and different height differences. And especially in the kitchen it is nice to apply the hanging planters trend. This botanical trend is nice for the living room. But really good to use in the kitchen as well so you can hang your favorite herbs like basil, mint or parsley. Beside the plant hangers you can make for example yourself you can also hang some Boskke Sky Planterabove the kitchen top. These hanging planters are designed especially to hang the plants upside down. And you’re still able to water them!

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